About SotaShop

SotaShop  - State of the Art Shop for your Café, Inn, Bakery and Patio Entertainment is a small business built to champion your business. Small business owners are the heroes of our economy. You buy local and hire local folks, provide experience, allow for flexible hours, enable students to be able to go to college, enable mid-career changes, support both our younger and older employees and most importantly, you provide those lovely,special unique places that are the often also the backbone of redevelopment and community stability. Helping you succeed is our passion.

Building and sustaining a business requires constant innovative thinking, sometimes new technology, always great products, furniture, appliances, lighting, art, and other things to add to your businesses unique ambiance. 

SotaShop has been in business since 2003. We review, sell  and write about new products as well as trusted brands. We visit new small businesses and businesses that thrive. We share good ideas, we promote community and we give you space to tell your stories. You can often find our products in other stores, but you will never find a store owner more dedicated to your satisfaction and the success of your business than at SotaShop. 

Please look around the shop and the site. Add a link to your business and if you like, add your story to our business owners page, We have several blog categories supporting each niche and we have a newsletter which is focused on ambiance. Ambiance is the key to building loyalty in these location based businesses. The Ambiance newsletter is all about ideas for making your business a really special place that people remember and return to.  Subscribe at the bottom of our home page